Retracing EP

by Small Parks

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released May 6, 2014

All songs written by Small Parks
Small Parks is Danny Petrilli, James Radick, Matthew Restorff, and Josh Talo
Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered by Jake Kalmink



all rights reserved


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Small Parks Michigan

Music band from Michigan.

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Track Name: Five Dollar Words
These could be delusions, I'm feeling excluded
Maybe I've had too many beers
This could be the distance or just indecision
It's no surprise to hear I'm insecure
I'm placing emphasis on remaining restless instead of confronting my fears
I've touted conviction while shifting with the wind
I ran from what I could not endure

It feels like we're drifting my thoughts could be fleeting
But we don't even speak anymore
If that's it after all then where does the line fall?
We're suddenly oddly taciturn
I've harbored this anger but I want to belong here
My mind is something that I abhor
I've coveted community and wrestled with anxiety
I'm frozen when my passion once burned

I made a promise to myself
The words seem unfamiliar now
So I stopped dreaming and seeking help
And now I'll never be let down
It's hard to chase what you've never known
While struggling with self-control
It's the escape, and it feels like home
'Cause I let everything else go
Track Name: Amalgamation
I've been wondering if I should tell you
Exactly how you make me feel
I know you've already met someone
I know I'm not as cool as him

I must admit that I've been thinking about you
Every night before I go to sleep
And when I wake up without you
The harsh reality it sinks in

I wanna feel your lips
Do they mesh with mine?
I wanna feel your cheek
I'll tell you all the time

I don't anticipate much luck on my end
These thoughts will remain just that
But still I can't help thinking
Goddamn your hands are soft

And this might not make sense
But I miss your hand in mine
And this might not mean much
But I'll never take it back
Track Name: War Torn Poland
All it takes is a little effort
A step away from what's become familiar
It's only as bad as you make it seem
But I've always been one to take it easy
And I have tried to retrace
And figure out how I got this way
But all I'm feeling is guilt
And that don't amount to shit

I know I'm not bad but I still know I could be better
And it's true that I'm afraid of what lays buried beneath deception
Honesty with myself might shed light on my intentions
Instead my head and heart wage over the best direction

But you can't lose what you never had
So I must come to terms with the life I've led
I was afraid to get outside my head
When I could have gone so far instead
Track Name: Jailbird
Let's see just how long until you figure out
The faults that I have are what have kept me in this town
And to pass the time I sought destructive love
A look into my past will rightly scare you off
I know I'm no good but I'd like to have the chance
To be thrown away by someone as beautiful as you
This may go down one day as your biggest mistake
And I may call you drunk one night and just ask you to stay

Let's keep it secret, let's keep it safe
I want to be alone, but I want you here
'Cause I've grown tired of inconsistency
And I think that you may hold the key

So just take one long look at me
And realize what it is you need
I've got nothing left to give
But I'll take your love, I'll make it fit

I will do my best not to weigh you down
'Cause I've gotten used to the idea of having your around
I probably won't do right by self
And I may require too much help
The cause was lost long before your showed up
And I understand if I'm not worth your time
And you'd be smart to walk away
Just don't be pissed off if I linger while waiting for your mind to change
Track Name: Sorry, Dad
We could hit the road and not look bad
Sleep each night on our friends' couches
Establish our own way of living
With basement shows and vegan potlucks

But what if this does not work out?
Will I sell my gear and settle down?
Get a real job and leave the Midwest
Maybe I'll have some better luck somewhere

I know most folks won't understand why I quit school and play in a band
And maybe make ten bucks a gig
I defaulted on my student loans to sing along at my friends' shows
I learned more about the world that way